Pastini Pastaria

Opening in 2001, Pastini is part of Portland's foodie history. I was hired as a server over a decade ago. This job evolved into being their main photographer and inhouse designer, elevating their new branding with food photography, ads, POP, menu and label design.

packaged products

Authentic, tantalizing and on-brand images of your packaged products - without the hassle of a large shooting studio! For national ad campaigns and packaging, large studios excel with their staffs of photographers and stylists. Bloggers take natural, often minimally styled photos and tell your story to their fans. I rest somewhere between: Quality, relatable food styling without the hassle and expense of hiring a full studio.  I can show your product in it's best light, without crossing what I call the "uncanny valley of food" where food is so styled it starts to look fake. I often turn around campaigns in as little as a week and deliver unlimited photos with no additional cost for usage rights beyond my day rate. My experience as a graphic designer gives me the ability to understand what your designer needs (like lots of copy space!) to make effective campaigns for your customers. 


Telling the story of a brand new craft your own pizza place in the 'burbs was an exhilarating experience. With rustic photography, creative social media and e-blasts, Pizzasmith became a fan favorite until its closing in 2016. 

Stayin PDX

Picture Blue Apron. Now make it local, fresher and without all the crazy packing and you have StayinPDX. Every week I shoot all their dishes in my studio showcasing their local ingredients and easy techniques to make comforting, healthy food. 

On Location

Being on location captures your business's warmth and those surprising moments... like a pan of chocolate cakes fresh from the oven or a customer's "AHHHHHH" experience.


I have a full kitchen studio with props and backdrops that go on for days. Working in the studio I can make sure the food looks deliciously perfect for recipes and advertising hero shots. What is my style? It's your style. From light and bright to dark and moody. modern to rustic and all ranges in between.


Do I do video? YES! I do! From the ever popular "Tasty Style" to something more unique- I can tell your story with algorithm loving video! I work in Premier and shoot with the newest Sony A7RIII.  I am also expanding my skills in After Effects so I can make anything you dream come to life. Let's get together and plan something magical.